Today's Streaming Devices Reflect the Great Progress of Recent Years

Streaming Media Player manufacturers have done an excellent job of advancing the state of the art in recent years. The streaming devices of years past were typically unstable, underpowered things, leaving owners more often to struggle with their deficits instead of enjoying what they promised to deliver. Since then, though, devices like the StreamSmart TV Box have raised the level of capability in this segment greatly, and streaming media player success stories are becoming much more the norm.

There are a few reasons for this, each of them with a certain technical import that has improved the situation in a particular way. One of the most significant is that the designers of such devices have taken advantage of some important advances in the ARM-based chips that most are powered by. Instead of the paltry dual-core ARM chips of yesteryear, today's stream TV and movies often incorporate four-core, 64-bit processors that run at several times the clock rates that were normal in the past.

Allen Baler

That makes a big difference in several important ways. For one, it means that the basic user experience is greatly enhanced, with far more responsive interfaces and faster, snappier searches. For another, it means that a device is less likely to choke on the work of decoding a stream as it arrives over the network, instead simply rendering it into the appropriate format with power to spare.

Just as many of today's streaming products boast pretty powerful processors, so are highly competent graphics chips also becoming the norm. Many of these are capable of helping with the task of decoding video, freeing up even more CPU power to be used for other things. Some of the most advanced devices can even output video at 4k resolutions that take advantage of the latest television displays.

On top of these two major developments have come many more of nearly equal importance. Many devices today, for example, include high-end networking functionality that can make it much more likely that a given stream of video will arrive in time and without interruption. Likewise has improved and expanded storage made things a lot more pleasant for many.

Buyers therefore have it a lot easier than they did in the past, with many more options of a basically appealing kind competing for their attention. Finding the best KODI box or other streaming solution can still take a bit of work, but the odds of meeting with success have become a lot higher.